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Take Dance Lessons in Plano, TX

The art of dancing takes many different forms and is as varied and unique as the people who love it. Individuality is one of the greatest things about dance, as well as its ability to provide an outlet for people to express themselves creatively. Even the most technical of dances are made unique by each individual who practices them. At Elegance Ballroom Dance Studio and Event Center, we offer dance lessons in Plano, TX for many types of dances, whether you want to learn a classic foxtrot or a country line dance. Contact us today to learn more about our dance classes and let us help you discover a new hobby and learn a new skill.

We Specialize in Four Types of Dance

The instructors at Elegance Ballroom Dance Studio and Event Center specialize in teaching our students four main types of dances. Our goal is to take any person, regardless of skill level, and transform them into a confident dancer who glides about the floor with ease. Our instructors have over 150 years of combined dance teaching experience, ensuring every student is receiving lessons from a qualified individual. We offer dance classes for everyone ready to learn, whether you’re a couple or an individual. We specialize in the following areas:

Smooth Ballroom

Learn to waltz, foxtrot, quick step, or tango with the help of our ballroom instructors. We teach all types of ballroom dances, helping students practice the technical side of the steps, while still having fun.

Latin and Rhythm

Find your groove by learning the elegant and smooth steps of a bachata, samba, cha cha dance, bolero, rumba, mambo, or swing. Whether you want to learn something slow and sweet or a more up-tempo routine, we’re here to help you do it.


Show off your new moves at your favorite country-western bar when you take lessons with us. We teach two step, country waltz, swing and many other western dances.

Salsa and Bachata

Tired of spending the weekends on your couch? Learn to salsa at Elegance Ballroom and be able to hit all the hottest salsa clubs in town!


Contact Us with Any Questions

Are you ready to get your groove on, learn a new skill, and have fun? Then dancing is the perfect hobby for you. The instructors at Elegance Ballroom Dance Studio and Event Center are here to teach you the basics and grow your skills each week. Get started today with our introductory offer! Feel free to contact us for additional information or if you have any questions. Come dance with us!

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