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Meet the Instructors at Elegance Ballroom & Event Center


Fred Behmardi

Fred Behmardi is the owner and instructor of Elegance Ballroom. He started as that person who knew nothing about dance and today has been in the business 40 plus years. Throughout his career in dance, he has always stayed true to this one fact; people want to learn to dance to be social, fight off ailments such as arthritis, be confident in dance situations and to have fun while doing it.

Fred has competed regionally as well as nationally sometimes doing as many as 300 dances in a day. His stamina and charm are an integral part in making his students happy in their choice to learn to dance.



Michael has been in the dance industry for 34 years. He began his career with the Fred Astaire organization. He has certification in American Style Bronze, Silver, and Gold as well as International Style Bronze and Silver. He is board certified with NDCA and ISTD.

Michael has competed regionally and nationally competed for over 25 years. He has had knowledge in choreography for special occasions such as Showcases, Weddings, and Quinceaneras. “My biggest enjoyment of all is teaching couples! It’s so much fun seeing two people evolve on the dance floor together”.


Libby Sharp

Libby Sharp is receptionist, coordinator of events, dancer and all-around “let’s get it done girl”. Libby never took lessons for any sort of dancing. She was invited to a Dance Party and has been dancing ever since. She started her lessons over 5 years ago quickly collecting many awards and trophies in her competitions. She has joint problems and the dancing has helped alleviate the pain, plus the social part of a Ballroom is just good for the soul.

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